Monday, July 28, 2014

Gardening Goings-On by guest blogger John Miller (chief gardener)

Hello everyone.  I am John Miller, Janet's hubby and chief garden guy.  I will post some pics of the garden and crops as they come in and keep things posted on whats coming in the garden.  We have flat ground where we live, and heavy soils, so gardening can be a real challenge in our plots sometimes with the poor drainage.  This year early was very tough, lots of rain early and things struggled early on.  As things have dried out and I have gotten ahead of the weeds, the garden is actually looking much better than it did in June.  So far this year we have harvested beets, greens, berries, turnips, summer squash and other early produce.  

Sweet corn, lima beans, zucchini, tongue of fire beans, tomatillos.  
Right now the zucchini and beans are starting to really ripen fast.  Zucchinis are looking great this year, deep color and nice flesh.  


Pickling Cucumbers
Pickling cucumbers were planted late this year due to wet weather, but the small row I have is producing nicely. We'll have enough to start pickling this week. Aside from mosquitos, we haven't noticed many bugs this year, so plants are thriving.

The tomatoes are picking up steam.  We both stake and use cages for support. I have had to hand prune them this year due to some yellowing of leaf branches, but the fruits are looking good.  


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