Saturday, August 8, 2015

Freezer Corn

I prefer to freeze, rather than can sweet corn. It's super fast, easy and the kernels stay intact. Because of the long, pressurized process time necessary to can corn, the kernels often break down. Freezing corn also allows me to control how long I cook the corn. A quick blanch before freezing, and a quick heat after freezing keeps the corn crisp and tender.

To prepare, purchase corn by the bushel when it's in season. Clean, blanch and cut kernels from cob. Place kernels in a freezer bag or vacuum packer.  Label and place in freezer, consuming within one year.

I always look forward to locally grown sweet corn on the Thanksgiving table. Throughout the year I add it to corn bread, and make corn cakes and fritters.

A neighboring farm grows sweet corn. From the field to the freezer in a couple hours!

To blanch, heat water to boiling, immerse corn and cook for two
minutes. Remove corn from water and cut kernels off cob. I've tried lots of
ways of removing the kernels. I think a pairing knife works best.

Place corn in freezer bags or seal using a vacuum packer. Place in freezer. 


  1. That is a wonderful idea freezing you corn. I also like the frozen vegetables much better than the can, it taste much better, less soggy, especially cooked in with your food.

    1. I agree Lynette. I prefer frozen to home canned in this case. Looking forward to summer corn in the winter!