Sunday, July 19, 2015

Container Flower Gardens

I planted more flower containers this year than ever: a total of four. With a big vegetable garden, I tend not to focus on ornamentals. In fact, our front flower beds are for the most part, on their own after a good spring cleaning. But a couple years ago I noticed a few planters at my garden center - full containers with height, cascade and color. And I was inspired.

I sometimes use spikes for a center focal point, but I think tall flowers, like canna and calla lilies, are more interesting.  As you can see from the photos, some of the callas worked better than others. Because I'm in zone 6A, I'll pull out the bulbs, store inside and reuse next summer.

With all the rain we've had this year, our containers are a bright spot. They're managing the weather much better than the veg plots!

This garden is planted in my grandmother's old canner.
Love those spiral doo-dads (can't recall the name) to the back right.
The bright orange mini canna is just getting ready to bloom.
The rain caused some of the petunia foliage to yellow. I really like the dark callas.

If I lived in a warmer clime, I'd add them to the landscape.

The rain has caused a bug explosion, causing damage to the sweet potato vines. 

These lillies didn't grow as tall. Hoping for a better showing next year.

Tall lillies! Love the colors in this arrangement.

So exotic!


  1. Love your containers here. thanks for the inspiration, you are right that the purple callas are really stunning.

    1. Thank you! This is the first I've planted callas - they don't winter over in my zone, so I'll lift and replant next year. But I think they're worth the extra effort!