Monday, October 13, 2014

Broom Corn Harvesting and Corn Shocks

Hello everyone, John here with some garden updates. Things are wrapping up for the season and it's been an interesting year. Last winter's polar vortex damaged or eliminated most of our tree fruit production - no peaches or pears. We had a lower than normal raspberry and blackberry production, but the new blueberries we planted are doing well.

Corn shocks are a favorite fall decoration, so every year I plant a packet of broom corn. A variety of sorghum, the stalks grow to 9 to 10 feet and along with the red seed heads, make striking decorations.
Getting ready to cut corn shock. Very easy to hand harvest.

Seed heads of broom corn, a variety of sorghum.  Maybe next year I will make some brooms.
Broom corn loaded up on the wagon behind our old Ford 9N tractor.  
Enough shocks to cover six of the porch posts. Along with some of our pumpkins and squash.

Keep your eye out for our upcoming garden clean-up blog with an overview of cover crops we use to improve soil health. Happy fall!

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