Monday, October 27, 2014

The Compost Pile

Our compost pile is near the back of the property close to our larger garden plot. The pile includes yard and garden waste, kitchen scraps (excluding meat, bones, cheese, etc.) and some paper products (grocery bags, newspaper).  

Apparently the pile doesn't get hot enough to kill produce seeds but stays warm enough to protect seeds from polar vortex temperatures. This year's cozy pile produced tomatillos, an array of pumpkins and squash, including a pumpkin cross we've never grown, cosmos and other surprises.  

The size of the pile prevents us from frequent turning, but this week our neighbor came over to bush hog some of the overgrown property. When we noticed the bucket on his tractor we asked him to turn the pile. Below is a before and after shot. Looks like the pile will break down in time to spread on flower and vegetable plots next spring, which helps with our heavy clay soils.

Our compost pile that we start fresh each spring. Check out those strange pumpkins on the
left. They sprouted from the pile even though we've never grown them.
Just turned pile. By spring it will be broken down.
And the bush hog improves the appearance of the property!
How is your compost pile looking? Did it produce any interesting volunteers this year?


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